Source code for firexapp.tasks.core_tasks

import os

from importlib import import_module
from celery import bootsteps
from celery.signals import task_postrun
from celery.utils.log import get_task_logger

from firexkit.chain import InjectArgs
from firexapp.application import get_app_tasks
from firexapp.engine.celery import app

logger = get_task_logger(__name__)

# noinspection PyPep8Naming
def RootTask(self, chain, **chain_args):
    c = InjectArgs(chain=chain, **chain_args)
    for task in get_app_tasks(chain):
        c |= task.s()
    self.enqueue_child(c, block=True)

[docs]def get_configured_root_task(): # determine the configured root_task root_task_long_name = app.conf.get("root_task") root_module_name, root_task_name = os.path.splitext(root_task_long_name) if root_module_name != __name__: # Root task has been overridden root_task_name = root_task_name.lstrip(".") root_module = import_module(root_module_name) return getattr(root_module, root_task_name) else: # default FireXApp root task return RootTask
# noinspection PyUnusedLocal
[docs]@task_postrun.connect(sender=get_configured_root_task()) def handle_firex_root_completion(sender, task, task_id, args, kwargs, **do_not_care):"Root task completed.") if kwargs.get("sync", False): return # Let this signal cause self-destruct if --sync was not specified submit_app = kwargs.get("submit_app") if submit_app: submit_app.self_destruct(chain_details=(task.AsyncResult(task_id), kwargs)) else: logger.warning("self_destruct was not run.")"Root task post run signal completed")
[docs]class BrokerShutdown(bootsteps.StartStopStep): """ This celery shutdown step will cleanup redis """ label = "Broker" # noinspection PyMethodMayBeStatic
[docs] def shutdown(self, parent): from firexapp.submit.submit import SubmitBaseApp if parent.hostname.startswith(SubmitBaseApp.PRIMARY_WORKER_NAME + "@"): # shut down the broker from firexapp.broker_manager.broker_factory import BrokerFactory BrokerFactory.broker_manager_from_env().shutdown() logger.debug("Broker shut down from boot step.") else: logger.debug("Not the primary celery instance. Broker will not be shut down.")